our team

Tim Fisher

Director of Design

As a working professional in the field of design and principal of Indesign, Tim has a passion for design that has driven him in a career that spans 30 years of working on projects of all sizes and complexities. As Director of Design, Tim has led his team in producing spectacular projects, not only throughout Michigan but also in Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Chicago, St. Louis, and the British Virgin Islands. Tim's vast design experience includes 8 years in retail store design, followed by 22 years designing and producing an extensive list of both small and large residential and commercial projects. Tim has extensive experience in acquiring key information, developing initial ideas, and proceeding with the plans and details necessary to interface with craftsmen and contractors. Beyond this, Tim understands the importance of taking his client's vision and needs, and incorporating them into the development of design concepts and aesthetics that lead to a successful project. Throughout Tim’s career, he has not only worked with many wonderful clients, but he’s built many warm relationships with them throughout the years and had the opportunity to reconnect with them through additional projects during the lifelong friendships they have created.

"I firmly believe that good design can improve anything we see, touch or use. Your personal living environment should be an extension of you, what you love, how you feel as well as your point of view. I strive to develop a design that not only fulfills your criteria, but exceeds your expectations!”

Sara Fisher

Director of Interior Design

Sara has 20 years of experience in the field of interior design. Sara has crafted beautiful interior projects of all sizes, from a single room to large scale estates. Sara takes the time to listen and understand the full scope of the project, your personal design style or interests, and budget. Sara’s goal is to produce a well thought out, comprehensive interior that is both comfortable and will stand the test of time. She dedicates her efforts to customizing interior finishes, furnishings, window treatments, area rugs, art and accessories that are significant to the homeowner. She meets regularly with furniture and fabric manufacturers reps to review the latest collections for each season so that she can present the most current styles and innovations that have come into the market. The furniture library she handles is extensive and she works directly with each manufacturer and understands what companies can provide the best product and value for each individual client.

“I have worked for many of the same clients for the past 20 years. I regard this as the sincerest form of flattery - to be asked back to do another home for a different stage of my clients life.”

Chery Dubay


Cheri has a great desire to work on and produce the most effective designs solutions for the kitchen and bath areas of the home . She enjoys working in collaboration with her clients to design functional environments that are not only beautiful, but seamlessly integrated into the home . She is also very woven in the National Kitchen & Bath Association, an international trade association for kitchen and bath professionals. Over the years, Cheri has held a wide range of positions within this design organization. NBKA designers are educated, experienced professionals who have proven their knowledge and technical ability. The spaces they create are more than just beautiful. They are also safe and functional; addressing safety issues; meeting building codes and environmental regulations. Cheri holds a master's degree in the kitchen and bath field. With over 22 years of experience. Cheri has a comprehensive understanding of the design process, and she has the ability to develop high quality, detailed drawings and 3D perspectives, enabling her clients to visualize the completed project during the early phases of the project. Kitchens and baths are among of the largest "key" elements in the home . You will find Cheri to be very knowledgable and extremely helpful in making the important decisions in these areas that will result in a spectacular finished project.

Katie Stewart


Katie handles all aspects of business management and finance for indesign, inlighting, and inovation. She keeps the various operations running smoothly and efficiently. Katie holds a Master of Business from Central Michigan University and brings years of management experience to the team.

James S Bates

James S Bates, Architect PLLC, is a contributing professional working in collaboration with Indesign. Jim has over 25 years experience in the architectural profession and has worked throughout Michigan and the East Coast, on extensive projects in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He holds an architectural registration in the State of Michigan and holds a National Council of Architectural Registration Board Certification. NCARB Certification means James has met the highest professional standards established by the registration boards responsible for protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public. He is also an active member of the American Institute of Architects. The combined team of James S Bates and Indesign provides a full service architectural and interior design program for both commercial and residential projects throughout Michigan and nationwide. Jim's professional demeanor and vast experience contribute significant assets to any project. His great passion for the perfect design solution will yield substantial value to your project. Jim and Tim Fisher with Indesign have produced an impressive collaboration of beautifully detailed projects throughout the years.

Tanner J Fisher

Tanner is a complement to the Indesign team, assisting with all of the aspects of the business. Tanner specializes in architectural and interior CAD drawings as well as 3-D renderings for all aspects of Indesign projects. Tanner is a graduate of Ferris State University with a degree in business, and advanced training in the field of architectural drafting and design.