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Indesign Firm Profile

Any project can benefit from good design!
The best design comes from a group of designers with complementing talents.

Indesign is made up of a collection of designers for you to select from. Architectural design, kitchen and bath design, lighting design, audio visual design, interior design along with a large selection of affiliates and builder options . If your interest is only to use one of our services or combine the benefits of multiple talents to assist you in your project. Indesign has offered design support not only to our clients, but also as back up technical support to other architectural firms, interior design firms and an extensive list of builders.

Good design saves money due to the ability to communicate via sketches, drawings and 3D perspectives, along with technical information which allows not only the client to better understand what the finished project will look like. This also allows the builder and all the subcontractors to completely understand the full scope of the project.

The plans and details provided need to include not only floor plans and elevations but also furniture layouts to verify size and use of the space , any and all kitchen and bath planning in detail due to how they impact all aspects of the project; appliance selection, plumbing fixture selection, electrical and lighting plans, TV locations, sound systems, computer locations, Wi-Fi needs, vacuum systems, along with heating and cooling systems.

Proper planning is the key ingredient to not only speeding up the construction process, controlling the cost, in addition to eliminating many frustrations from everyone involved for the full length of the project. This ultimately is the largest area of savings on the job.

Indesign has for over 20 years become the connecting link not only throughout the region but nation wide in getting virtually any size project produced from design to completion.